My Biggest Struggle Right Now


When I started this blog, the most important thing for me was to keep it real. To not only share the highlight reel, but to talk about the real stuff. And with the real stuff comes the struggle.

What am I currently struggling with the most right now? Patience, it is seriously kicking me in the butt. I want so badly to reach as many people as I can, to be a NY Times Best Selling author, to be interviewed by Marie Forleo on MarieTV, to be worthy of an interview by Oprah… all of the things, so many things. But, to get there I have to first build an audience of people who give af what I have to say and become the kind of person that can actually give that audience value that matters to them. I’m not there yet though, I’m on my way, but certainly not there.

Let’s be honest, being patient sucks!

But, it comes with the territory of having LITERALLY any ounce of desire in life. Whether you desire love, money, success, impact, anything… patience is a key ingredient.

The inability to be patient is what ruins dreams.

This blog post is as much of a reminder for you, as it is for me. I need to remind myself to be patient, and to continue enjoying the steps along the way.

If I could talk to my former self of just 2 short years ago I would tell her, “be patient – I know it doesn’t seem like it but I promise you that more joy than you can even imagine is on it’s way to you. You will figure it out, you will make the right decision, the help you need will show up, the love you deserve is JUST around the corner.”

So, what is helping me right now? Imagining a conversation with my future self. I know, without a single doubt, that she would tell me to be patient and keep going.

What would you tell your past self? What do you think your future self would say to you?