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Practicing Patience

Instagram: @taygrewe They say patience is a virtue, that it’s the key to success. I used to have sooo much trouble with it, I wanted things to happen in my timing and on my terms. Watching people “passing me up” made me sick to my stomach and feel like something was wrong with me, “why not me?” I’m practicing patience now, reminding myself every day that my time will come. I used to make music videos back in high school…


How To Stop Feeling Discontent In Your Life

It is almost like there is this dark cloud of discontent that looms over your twenties. Everyone is on their way, but not quite there. On the outside, it might look like some of us have it figured out, but we don’t. This feeling used to drive me insane. Bring me to tears actually, until I did what I always do - Nancy Drew the sh*t out of the feeling, dive deep into where it is coming from, obsess over…

reading list for living your best life

20 Something Reading List For Living Your Best Life

photo by: Hart Films I'm big on reading books - and by reading I mean listening because I get easily distracted. I've found that audio books are my jam and get the book finished rather than letting it sit untouched, on my digital book shelf. Why do I like to read you ask? Not because I think something is wrong with me, or because I need to be "fixed." Because I've genuinely felt my life elevate with each book I…

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What I Know For Sure At Age 25

I’ve spent over 25 years on this planet, I know that is young, but it’s still a crazy thought. 25 is a great age! You’re still in your “early twenties,” and it’s definitely a milestone! I mean a quarter of a century is a big deal… But, even though I’m supposed to be an adult… I’ll be honest, I feel a lot like I’m just playing house. When I’m doing things like cleaning the counter, grocery shopping, or putting gas…


My Biggest Struggle Right Now

When I started this blog, the most important thing for me was to keep it real. To not only share the highlight reel, but to talk about the real stuff. And with the real stuff comes the struggle. What am I currently struggling with the most right now? Patience, it is seriously kicking me in the butt. I want so badly to reach as many people as I can, to be a NY Times Best Selling author, to be interviewed…


Changing The Way You Think About Risk

“If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much room” It’s my favorite quote to sarcastically spout off in pretty much any potentially relevant situation. Usually prefaced with, “you know what I always say…” followed by an eye roll from anyone who has heard me say it a million times. I saw it once on Pinterest and decided it was going to be one of the mottos of my life. I’m not sure who said it, I…


A Change In Perspective

Perspective is the lens through which you see the world. Basically we are all walking around this planet with the most unique pair of sunglasses on our Earth, our perspective. Have you ever been in a conversation and said something that was COMPLETELY misinterpreted? Two people, same conversation, two different interpretations. How is that possible? Yes, you SAID that but you didn’t mean it THAT way. Why would the think that? Were they even listening to you? Yes, but they…

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