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Five Favorite Things | April

In an effort to create more value for you guys, I've decided to make the things I use and share on my social media easier to find and shop. I've created a SHOP page on my site where you can shop my closet, skincare and beauty products. You'll find the shirt pictured in this post, tons of pieces already in my closet or similar to something in my closet and any skincare/beauty products that I've used and absolutely love. I…

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7 Favorite Wellness Products I Use On The Reg

I’m a big self-care girl. I’ve dealt with anxiety my whole life and have found that the BEST way to not let it run my life is through self-care. I often share my favorite wellness products on my Instagram story and I recently did a poll asking if people would be interested in me sharing the rest of the products I use regularly. The answer was yes, so here they are. Care/Of Vitamins - People have asked me about “the…

Tata Harper Skincare

Tata Harper Natural Skincare Line | My Thoughts

I am a huge skincare junkie, in case you didn't already know. For me it is a self care ritual, that makes me feel good about myself. If nothing else goes right in my day, I know that I start and end my day taking care of myself. I admit it is a pretty pricey addiction, but hey, at least it's good for me? While I love a good drugstore find, there are certain products I believe are really worth…

Ole Henriksen

My Favorite Serums & Moisturizers

I've always been good about taking care of my skin, washing off my makeup before I go to bed, using moisturizer - super basic stuff. Now that I'm 25 and super mature I started reading a bunch of stuff that freaked me out and said your face starts seriously aging in your mid-twenties. I realized I had to start getting a bit more serious about my skin if I want to maintain it. Hence, my recent obsession with serums. According…