WATCH | Partner Chair Workout With Body By Brooke

My #1 “Tip” For Staying Fit:

Be best friends with a fitness addict/instructor.

Ok, kidding, my real tip is actually to surround yourself with other people who are motivated to stay healthy. When you fall of the wagon they are the best motivation for helping you get back on top of it.

Brooke is definitely one of those people for me!

If you need some food and fitness inspo in your life, you can find her on Instagram @brookecaroline. 


Working out and eating well is important.. but IT ALL STARTS IN YOUR MIND.

What I see in the mirror is steadily improving.. not because I started a crazy diet or insane workout regimen, but because I am focusing on the way I talk about myself to myself. Tell yourself, every day, I deserve to be the healthiest and happiest version of me possible. Enjoy good food and sweat because you love yourself, not because you hate what you see in the mirror.

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