Clearing Space For What You REALLY Want

clearing space

 My biggest fear in life is regret, it literally gives me a stomach ache thinking about getting to the end of my life with a list of things I always said I wanted to do but never did. Living in LA was on it, and honestly making the move was one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever done. I am so beyond glad I did it! To be honest I cannot wait to move back to AZ, moving to LA has solidified even more for me that AZ will always be home. But, it feels so damn good knowing that when I’m wrinkled and grey haired, sitting in my rocking chair, scrolling through whatever social media platform my grandkids are using, leaving embarrassing comments on all of their posts — I know there will be one less thing on my list of regrets. 

clearing space

We get it Taylor, “no regrets!” Nothing we haven’t heard before… well how about this: Give yourself permission to re-evaluate your list. 3 years ago I FINALLY gave myself permission to re-evaluate, I thought that once I put something on the list I was a failure if I didn’t check it off. But, life happens, we evolve, priorities change and I think that list should evolve with us. I’ve spent the past 5 months, once again, re-evaluating my list. It feels good letting go and making room for new things. I urge you to take a look at your list. Are you straining yourself working towards something you know you don’t genuinely want anymore, but keep moving towards out of fear of failure or what other people will think? Well then my gift to you this holiday SZN is permission to reflect, re-evaluate and make room for sh*t you REALLY want. 

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