Free Yourself To Live Your Best Life


In the spirit of keeping the freedom theme of this week alive, I felt inspired to share a few things that I have decided to free myself of. These are things that I have chosen to give up because I felt like they were holding me back from becoming my best, happiest, most fulfilled self.

My life plan –

Honestly, nothing has gone according to “my plan” and I’m so grateful that it hasn’t. When I graduated college my “logical brain” thought it had my whole life figured out. I had my idea of what a perfect relationship looked like, I had an image of exactly the person I was going to force myself to be and the perfect career path that would lead to the kind of life I want. Turns out this perfect plan made me incredibly unhappy, but I held onto it so tightly, tried to keep it in tact. It honestly terrified me letting that image go because I was so sure of it.

It wasn’t until I finally let that plan go that I felt like I could actually breathe! I started to trust that everything would work out the way it was supposed to. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I was sooo committed to the image of “who I was.” I watched so closely how I acted, the way I portrayed myself, the things that I said and even the way I interacted with people. To the point where when I decided to start letting that go it was difficult to interact with people without thinking too much. Which leads me to the second thing I have chosen to free myself of.


Caring what people think of me –

That perfect image that I had created of who I was going to be was based entirely on what other people thought of me. I wanted to be thought of as successful so I chose a career path that made me look that way. No matter how hard I struggled with finding actual joy in it. I wanted to be thought of as an independent woman who doesn’t need a man and can handle her sh**. So, I chose a relationship with an incredibly thick emotional boundary that would never allow for any serious, authentic connection. I chose a relationship that would never require me to rely on or need that person, because I can handle myself.

Sticking to my plan and caring so much about what people thought of me was holding me back from actually figuring out what I really wanted to do and who I really am. Freeing myself from these restrictions has allowed me to just let my life flow, to follow my intuition and to appreciate my life for what it is without the constant struggle of trying to make everything look the way I thought it was supposed to.

I have found that when you let go of who you think you’re supposed to be, you free yourself up to become who you actually are. When you let go of what you think your life is supposed to look like, you free yourself up to actually appreciate it for what it is. When you let go of what you think the perfect relationship or the perfect person for you looks like, you free yourself up to actually let an authentic, healthy and loving relationship show up in your life. When you stop giving a sh** what everyone thinks of you, you free yourself up to authentically be, do and have what you actually want.

My question to you is, what do you need to free yourself of to live your best most authentic life?