What I Know For Sure At Age 25

know for sure

I’ve spent over 25 years on this planet, I know that is young, but it’s still a crazy thought. 25 is a great age! You’re still in your “early twenties,” and it’s definitely a milestone! I mean a quarter of a century is a big deal…

But, even though I’m supposed to be an adult… I’ll be honest, I feel a lot like I’m just playing house. When I’m doing things like cleaning the counter, grocery shopping, or putting gas in my car it sometimes feels so odd. Like, wow I’m a full on grown up… so, why don’t I feel like one?

I spent the past weekend in Los Angeles catching up with friends and had a conversation about age; how being 30 still felt like being a kid and life was still just starting out. I’ve got about 4 years until I’m 30, so why do I feel so pressured to have it all figured out?

I’m a big Oprah fan and there is a question she is constantly answering, she wrote a whole book on it actually: “What do I know for sure?” I was listening to her audiobook What I Know For Sure on the flight home and it got me thinking.

What do I know for sure?

Well, turns out I don’t think I know much of anything for sure.

I thought that by 25 I would know for sure what I want to be when I grow up, heck I thought I would already BE it.

I thought I would know for sure I would be ready to have kids around 25 or where I would want to live.

I thought I would definitely know for sure how to deal with finances, but the reality is I’m just now figuring out the proper use of a credit card (PS travel points are truly a gift from the heavens! Why am I just now figuring this out?).

I thought I would know for sure who I am, but I’m so different than who I was a year ago…do we ever really know for sure who we are?

I thought I knew for sure that I would have less questions once I turned 25, but creeping up on 26 it feels like I have more questions than ever.

I’m sorry if you came here for answers, I don’t have a ton of them. But, isn’t that what makes life exciting?

The one thing I do know for sure is that everything is going to work out exactly how it’s supposed to. You might fight it, or try to ignore it, or delay it… But, I know for sure that what is meant to happen always will. Knowing that makes the unknown a whole lot easier.

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know for sure

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