WATCH | How To Look And Feel Your Best On Vacation

In this video I share my “diet,” exercise and style tips for looking and feeling your best on vacation. Disclaimer: I’m not a health or fitness professional, this is just me sharing what I ACTUALLY do

I had an epiphany two years ago that changed how I treat my health and the way I feel about my body. I share my no BS diet, what I ACTUALLY do – no calorie counting, no tracking, it’s just not my style. I share what I’m currently loving for exercise. Plus, my favorite, brand new tip for getting good quality inexpensive vacation clothes and how I collect nice bathing suits without going BROKE.

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Products I Mention:

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee | Vital Proteins Collagen Powder | Sprouts Gras Fed Collagen

Sites I Bought Vacation Clothes On: | | | | | | | | (topshop)