How To Stop Feeling Discontent In Your Life


It is almost like there is this dark cloud of discontent that looms over your twenties. Everyone is on their way, but not quite there. On the outside, it might look like some of us have it figured out, but we don’t.

This feeling used to drive me insane. Bring me to tears actually, until I did what I always do – Nancy Drew the sh*t out of the feeling, dive deep into where it is coming from, obsess over it until I find the answers and figure out how to use it to my advantage.

I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but here it goes * toot toot*. I might be crazy, but I’m pretty sure this is my super power. So here is what I realized, that feeling of discontent is a GIFT!

The feeling of being unsatisfied is what has driven the evolution of humanity. You think I’m kidding? Hear me out. I’m pretty sure some dissatisfied cave man was sitting around one-day chomping on raw meat thinking to himself, “this sh*t sucks, there has got to be a better way”. And there you have it my friends, the motivation behind the invention of fire. I’m personally grateful for that dissatisfied caveman, because I prefer my grass fed steak medium with minimal pink.

Discontent serves its purpose. It is what motivates us to evolve, propel forward and strive for more. On an individual level, it can feel frustrating and make us feel inadequate while comparing ourselves to the highlight reels that flood the mini computer screens glued to our faces.

I get it. Trust me. But, try this on for size. Rather than wallow in the discontent of where your life is at, remind yourself that your feeling of dissatisfaction is helping propel the entire human race forward! Without that feeling of discontent you would never, ever, get the chance to experience the fullness of your potential. Get excited about that feeling. Let that feeling lead you.

I guarantee there was a point in your life when you yearned for something that you have now. How did you get it? Feeling of dissatisfaction, which gave you motivation, which lead you to reach for more and take some sort of action to get what you wanted. Good for you! Now, do THAT over and over for the rest of your life.

Having something more to reach for is what makes life interesting – especially when you start enjoying that feeling of discontent and allowing it to help propel you forward.


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